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Jellyfish Video of the Week: Upside Down Jellyfish Development with a twist

This week’s jellyfish video is great and unusual! YouTube user ‘memutic’ brings us an informative, witty and somewhat poetic explanation of the life cycle of Cassiopea sp. from Wakatobi, Indonesia. I am not sure which species of Cassiopea is in the video, as I … Continue reading

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Upside Down Jelly – compatibility list!

Ever wanted to add upside down jellies to your reef? Well, here is a list of tank mates that Cassiopeia spp., the upside down jelly, has been proven to play nice with. This list was created and is maintained by Steve Spina, assistant curator and jellies supervisor at New England Aquarium. The list represents actual exhibits at public aquariums and has been compiled from the AZA jellyfish listserv. Thanks to Steve for sharing the list and to the contributors on the jellyfish listserv… Continue reading

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