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Jellyfish Video of the Week: Upside Down Jellyfish Development with a twist

This week’s jellyfish video is great and unusual! YouTube user ‘memutic’ brings us an informative, witty and somewhat poetic explanation of the life cycle of Cassiopea sp. from Wakatobi, Indonesia. I am not sure which species of Cassiopea is in the video, as I … Continue reading

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Jellyfish Video of the Week: Introducing the Leopard Jellyfish!

The jellyfish video of the week features a jellyfish common throughout Southeast Asia and India; Acromitus flagellatus, or as I like to call it, the “leopard jellyfish”. When fully grown these gorgeous jellies appear to have a black leopard print … Continue reading

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Jellyfish photo: Drymonema catches sea nettles in South Africa

This week’s jellyfish photo comes from the National Geographic 2012 Photo Contest. The photo was taken by Geo Cloete in Cape Town, South Africa. This is a great photo from a region where not much is known of the local … Continue reading

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Will the real Chrysaora melanaster please stand up? C. pacifica vs. C. melanaster

When I first started as a jellyfish aquarist in 2006 I was taking care of some Japanese sea nettles that I knew almost nothing about. What I knew then was that their scientific name was Chrysaora melanaster and they were collected in … Continue reading

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