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By The Wind Sailor (Velella velella) Video from MBARI

Everyone has been reporting the “blue jellyfish” washing up on west coast beaches this year… here is a great video from Steve Haddock at MBARI explaining who they are and what they do! “The secret life of Velella: Adrift with … Continue reading

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Enoshima Aquarium – Spherical Jellyfish Tank

Check out this amazing jellyfish tank at Enoshima Aquarium in Japan: It looks like there is water pouring down around the sphere, hopefully I will get to see this tank in person someday. Makes you wonder how the top is … Continue reading

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Jellyfish Video – Box jellyfish in aquariums?

The jellyfish video this week is from Two Ocean’s Aquarium in South Africa. Their jellyfish exhibit is one of the few in the world to sport box jellyfish! Few aquariums have¬†successfully¬†exhibited box jellies for any length of time. Monterey Bay … Continue reading

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Moon jellyfish: What to expect when you’re expecting a moon jellyfish!

Buying your first moon jellyfish… Moon jellyfish have been popular in public aquariums for well over a decade now, but are becoming more popular as pets with more jellyfish aquariums coming to market. So what should your expectations be for … Continue reading

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