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Cubic Jellyfish Aquarium coming to US and Canada soon!

The new Cubic jellyfish aquarium is nearing release in the USA and Canada! The two new distributors for North America are going to be Canada based PolypLab and Xenia Inc.

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Jellyfish Video: Crown Jellyfish being eaten by sea turtle!

This week’s YouTube jellyfish video find is from user “P2O5Artist“. This cool video shows a sea turtle munching on a crown jellyfish, Cephea cephea, in Bathala, Philippines. Recently, we figured out how to grow crown jellyfish in the laboratory. Take a … Continue reading

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Jellyfish Video: Jellies of the Philippines…

This week I found an interesting jellyfish video on Youtube from user “Megalopunter” showing us the various jellyfish you can find in the Philippines. Some of the species in this video are: Mastigias sp., Thysanostoma thysanura, Pelagia sp. and the incredible Leucothea sp., which has … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Collage of Jellyfish Pictures!

Using a cool collage tool from you can now take a simple Google Images search for ‘moon jellyfish’ and create a super cool collage! Check it out and make your own free jellyfish pictures collage!

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