iPhone App Review: The Soothing Kuranetarium

Here is the first interesting jellyfish app I have come across for the iPhone/iPad. It was created by the Kamo Aquarium in Yamagata, Japan (they claim to have the most jellyfish species on display in the world) and published by S-Field Co. This app is full of goodies for  lovers of jellyfish.

You get three basic modes or choices with this app; you can look at a simple gallery of jellyfish displayed at Kamo Aquarium, you can enter slideshow mode which will give you a nice show of mixed high quality video and photos, the last option is a guide to the jellies each with a detailed description and information about their distribution and biology. The speed of this app is incredible, I run this on an iPhone 3Gs and it has impressive responsiveness.



The gallery mode will let you sort thumbnails by photos, videos or by species. You can also add-on to your collection as Kamo Aquarium adds new species. I think the expansion feature is a good way to ensure the app doesn’t just sit on your iPhone. You have to pay $0.99 per video you add, which may be a bit much relative to the overall $1.99 price for the app. I had to purchase a few videos to see some species like the “Sand Color Jellyfish”, Rhopilema asamushi. The video quality seems to be quite high, possibly HD, but I can’t confirm that. Should be amazing viewing on an iPad. You also get some soothing music to accompany the graceful jellies, which for parents might be a great tool for getting their children to go to sleep. Overall, this is a very high quality app and I give it five stars, I am very pleased with the purchase. I really hope that this app will spur competition among aquariums and zoos to create top-notch smart phone apps that provide more detailed information about the animals they have on display. For more info check out iTunes AppStore. You can also visit their fb page, they have a promotional video that will take you through most of the app. Enjoy!

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I am a professional jellyfish aquarist in the public aquarium industry. I have worked in marine animal husbandry since the age of 17, it was my first job. I love raising jellyfish, especially new species, and finding better ways of caring for them. Here, I hope to provide great ideas and product suggestions to help you create your own successful jellyfish displays.
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