Jellyfish Video – Box jellyfish in aquariums?

The jellyfish video this week is from Two Ocean’s Aquarium in South Africa. Their jellyfish exhibit is one of the few in the world to sport box jellyfish! Few aquariums have successfully exhibited box jellies for any length of time. Monterey Bay Aquarium was likely one of the first with the Jellies: Living Art exhibit where we displayed the box jellyfish Tripedalia cystophora. Quite a few aquariums have tried to display box jellies but it is usually only temporary as the box jellies are collected from the wild and then quickly degrade once on display. Few aquariums have been able to actually culture their own box jellies and Two Oceans is probably the only aquarium to collect wild Carybdea and then be able to feed them and have them survive on exhibit. In the video you will see live mysid shrimp swimming around which is fed to the box jellies, a favorite prey of Carybdea. Maybe someday soon we will be breeding Carybdea and see them in more aquariums!?

This week’s jellyfish video was made by “Dave Lowe” of YouTube:

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  1. aw fun. I’ve collected these 🙂

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