Jellyfish Video: The Hairy Jellyfish

This week’s jellyfish video is from YouTube user “asakusamikan” featuring the hairy jellyfish! In Japan this jellyfish, Spirocodon saltator, is also known as “Kamikurage” and appears during the winter right about now. Japanese collectors such as Blue Corner Japan and Izu-Chuo Trading Co. both collect this jellyfish for public aquariums. It gets it’s name from the many white tentacles and will sit completely still in the water, giving it that ‘hairy’ look. The hydroids, or polyps, of this species have yet to be discovered. In this jellyfish video you can see that the specimen is pulsing among what appears to be a kelp forest of chain bladder kelp or Cystoseira sp., eluding to a good place to go looking for their polyps!

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I am a professional jellyfish aquarist in the public aquarium industry. I have worked in marine animal husbandry since the age of 17, it was my first job. I love raising jellyfish, especially new species, and finding better ways of caring for them. Here, I hope to provide great ideas and product suggestions to help you create your own successful jellyfish displays.
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