My Favorite Jellyfish…

Here it is, my favorite jelly, Thysanostoma sp. (Ehrenberg, 1835). This has to be the most beautiful jellyfish. So far this jelly has only survived in captivity for short periods of time at Aquamarine Fukushima in Japan and at Waikiki Aquarium in Hawaii. Little is known about this genus of jellyfish and probably needs to be revised. There are a few distinct morphs from different regions that could be entirely different species. But we need to find some first! If you see this jelly, let me know!

Photo credit goes to Galice Hoarau from the Our World Underwater 2007 photo competition.

About Wyatt

I am a professional jellyfish aquarist in the public aquarium industry. I have worked in marine animal husbandry since the age of 17, it was my first job. I love raising jellyfish, especially new species, and finding better ways of caring for them. Here, I hope to provide great ideas and product suggestions to help you create your own successful jellyfish displays.
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