JellyTank – The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium, A new jelly tank Kickstarter!

Check out this new desktop jelly tank design by Blake and Brock Gratton!

They claim to address some of the issues with other desktop jellyfish aquariums(though their overflow screen’s surface area still looks a bit small!). For example in the Jellyfish Art tank it is common for jellies to become trapped in the bottom substrate(which Jellyfish Art did fix with a new bottom plate) – the Gratton brothers have eliminated this possibility by designing a tank with a single smooth curved bottom, just like many professional pseudo-kreisels. I noticed an aesthetics issue that hasn’t really been addressed yet in the jellyfish tank market, and that is the visible water line. I have observed many comments over the years regarding the visible water lines in jellyfish aquariums!


Looks like $150 gets you an early jellyfish aquarium, tank only. That’s a pretty good price point! For the price/gallon, I think this is a good buy. You are looking at a minimum $300 entry price with other tanks such as the Jellyfish Art Nano and Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank:

Jellyfish Art:
$330 Jellyfish Kit (includes 1 jelly, so we could deduct $30 and call it $300) = $300/6 gallons, $50/gallon.
$354 Jelly Cylinder Nano 3 Jelly Kit (includes 3 jellies, so let’s deduct $100) = $254/2 gallons, $127/gallon.
Cubic Orbit 20:
$389 CUBIC ORBIT 20 JELLYFISH AQUARIUM (TANK ONLY)  = $389/6 gallons = ~$65/gallon.
$150 SUPER EARLY JELLY – TANK ONLY = $150/5 gallons = $30/gallon.

As you can see you are paying less than half for a desktop jellyfish aquarium(and double for a nano jellyfish tank!). I suggest jumping on this deal, they only have a couple hundred jellyfish aquariums, tank only left on Kickstarter. I have a feeling they will all sell like previous Kickstarters and the Gratton brothers are already half way to their goal…

Check out their Kickstarter page here!

JellyTank – Jellyfish Aquarium on Kickstarter

JellyTank – Jellyfish Aquarium with jellies and music

About Wyatt

I am a professional jellyfish aquarist in the public aquarium industry. I have worked in marine animal husbandry since the age of 17, it was my first job. I love raising jellyfish, especially new species, and finding better ways of caring for them. Here, I hope to provide great ideas and product suggestions to help you create your own successful jellyfish displays.
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5 Responses to JellyTank – The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium, A new jelly tank Kickstarter!

  1. Chris says:

    What is a visible water line?
    “overflow screen’s surface area” is that where the vents say jellytank?

    • Wyatt says:

      Hi Chris, yes the overflow screen is where you can see some slits and ‘JellyTank’. Right above that you can see the surface of the water, the water line, and air above it. It would look much better if it was just a solid block of water vs having an air gap at the top where you will see condensation.

      • Chris says:

        Ahh, I was thinking water line was that but i had to ask to make sure. I think the Jellyfish Art Nano tank addresses the water line. It has blacked out the top part. If I am not mistaken the circle design like cubic and first gen jellyfish art cannot be seen?

        I’ve only own a Nano.

        I am in it for this tank though. My Nano doesn’t circulate the jellies that well. They just sit at the top unseen.(I have my salinity at 30ppt. I want them to float because the smaller ones don’t pulse away from the vents once caught.)

        Have you used the Cubic 80 GII?
        I would rather spend the money on that than the JellyTank if you think it would perform better due to the comment about the slits.

        Love the idea of a 23 gallon instead of a 5. 2 gallon nano is a lot of work to maintain.

        I am surprise my jellies are still good since 2015 December

  2. Denise Hobart says:

    I have emailed several times with no response. If I order it today will it arrive before Christmas 2017?

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