New Jellyfish Exhibit Opens at Vancouver Aquarium

Jelly Invasion has just opened at the Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia. Denizens of the Pacific Northwest should definitely check out this jellyfish exhibit as it features a tank you won’t find anywhere else… a giant tank full of spotted jellies! There are over 1,000 spotted jellies on display, a sight you won’t find at any other public aquarium. Check out the spotted jelly webcam! Spotted jellies aside, there are 16 other jellyfish displays to check out. Jelly Invasion is accompanied by a show, Jelly Delia chance to actually eat some jellyfish! You might also get to see the “edible jellyfish”, Rhopilema esculenta, on display…

Edible Jellyfish

Edible Jellyfish at Vancouver Aquarium

Go see Jelly Invasion!


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  1. Brian says:

    This is an amazing exhibit. Thank you for sharing!

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